Closed for the winter. We look forward to seeing you back in the Spring.

Winter Golf

After School and Weekend Junior Golf Program

TWO State-Of-The-Art  Simulators with real-time feedback

Our Winter Development Program will help your junior fine tune their swing ready for the new season

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Class sizes capped at SIX with TWO instructors to ensure your junior gets the most out of each session

Improve your Posture, Alignment, Tempo and Routine ready for the new season

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TruGolf Vista 12 Simulator that gives the very best swing feedback

With a simulated driving range, 50+ courses to choose from and fun target practice games.


Improve your putting mechanics with fun games and drills

We include golf fitness and the mental approach in each of our sessions

Our Process: The very best instruction

Our program is guided by Top-100 Golf Instructor Mitchell Spearman. We have a host of great coaches and assistants to help work on your golfer’s swing. Our instructors have been recognized by U.S. Kids Golf, coached at the college level and take to heart your golfer’s success as they do their own.

Our Focus: Small Group Classes

A tailored lesson plan that tackles all facets of the game. And with a 1:3 or 2:5 ratio of instructor:student, our winter development program will get your junior ready for the new season.

Our Style: TruGolf Simulator

With a state of the art indoor golf simulator, we get the best feedback during each session. We can measure club path and club face right there on the screen. And with different modes that include 50 different courses to play, fun target games and a short game area, the TruGolf experience is not something to miss

Our Method: Fundamentals

Whether you’re new to the game or looking to improve your game, we use the Winter as a means to get ready for the new season. As well as working on the fundamentals – grip, alignment and posture – we make sure that we use the time effectively. Whether it’s that Driver you can’t help but slice, or you struggle to chip it close, we prepare you with fun drills and make the terminology simple and easy to understand with the use of the latest video technology. We also use the time to work on stretching, balance and routine, all things you may neglect in the middle of the regular season.



With few distractions indoor instruction is a great opportunity for juniors to really focus in on their technique and skill. Join one of our winter junior indoor golf sessions at any time as long as space is available. Programs and hours start at one session, for registration AND the various ways to sign up please click the REGISTRATION tab.