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Voted Best Junior Golf Camp Instruction!!!

Our summer golf camps have experienced a decade of excellence as one of the most elite and intensive junior golf camps in the country.

PEEWEE JUNIOR GOLFER PROGRAM: Ages 5+ of all skill and ability.

Monday - Friday (9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.)

JUNIOR SUMMER GOLF CAMP PROGRAM: Ages 6-16 of all skill and ability.

Monday - Thursday (8:45a.m. - 3:15p.m.) Lunch included*

Friday (8:45a.m. - 11:45p.m.)


Mon - Fri: Either 8.45 - 11.45am or 12.15 - 3.15pm

Why We’re The Best…

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Each golfer has their swing viewed and analyzed by Top-100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman.

We cover all aspects of the game: full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting.

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Students are divided into groups of similar skill, ability, and age that enable fast paced learning in a fun, safe, and effective environment.

Summer Putting

Each of our summer golf camp experiences cover skills ranging from the fundamentals right up through advanced course management.

A camp experiences designed to build or improve on existing skills quickly. We make sure to utilize small groups and a refined curriculum that aids in the training process.

New York Summer Golf Camp Registration: The Experiences

Club Contender Experience: One Week

For all ages and skill levels, choosing this option allows a golfer the full summer golf camp experience. Over the course of one week the golfer will undergo swing work, short game training, putting practice, and get to play on the golf course. More skilled golfers may spend more time on the course but everyone will play at some level.

Club Champion Experience: Two Weeks

Similar to the club contender experience this choice is also for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Choosing this summer golf camp option allows the golfer a more robust two week summer golf camp experience. Over the course of two weeks the golfer will undergo swing work, short game training, putting practice, and get more time on the golf course by the 2nd week. We provide skills assessments and multiple video analysis reviews from week to week, in addition to expanded skills training and changing contests week to week.

Professional Player Experience: Three Weeks

For all ages and skill levels, choosing this summer golf camp option allows for an even more robust summer program. Over the course of three weeks the golfer will thrive as we focus on skill development and add in special training on specific shots and course management. Golfers attending summer golf camp for three weeks will have more opportunities to play on the course while associates gather stats and video. In addition to more on-course time golfers will learn advanced drills and techniques useful at even the highest levels of the game. Three weeks in our summer golf camp will have other golfers asking YOUR GOLFER for advice….

Champion Player Experience: Four Weeks

An elite golf summer camp program the Champion Experience is great for recreational and competitive golfers alike. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in four weeks of golf that will build, challenge, prepare, tackle… you name it! Over multiple weeks golfers are able to drill down into every facet of the game. We delve into the mental challenges of the sport and help golfers better understand course management. We are able to talk big-picture strategy and long-term training. We even have golfers that challenge our staff to games, contests, and matches. There are multiple opportunities to play on the course for even the most beginner of golfer and by the end of four weeks they have a solid grasp on all skills necessary to enjoy the game for a lifetime.

Major Champion Experience: Five Weeks

The Major Champion Experience is the ultimate summer golf camp package. Five weeks will provide your golfer with comprehensive and full-spectrum summer golf training. From week to week the golfer will participate in multiple training cycles incorporating skills training with fun contests and challenges. We conduct in-depth rules & etiquette discussions and provide competitive course play opportunities always with an eye towards FUN! Instructors and staff will adjust the training as necessary and group your golfer with others of similar skill each week. Tournament and competitive golfers can focus on advanced objectives while beginners and recreational golfers will set and build on a foundation of basic skills that help tame the game. The Major Champion Experience is quickly becoming one of our most popular summer golf camp selections!

Summer Putt


Discounts are automatically added for each extra week of summer golf camp a student attends. These are reflected in the experience pricing. Golfers can attend for a minimum of one week all the way to the entire summer. Weeks do not have to be attended consecutively as you will be asked to choose which weeks of attendance during the registration process. Camps begin each Monday. Call us if you’re interested in more than five weeks for your junior golfer and inquire about special rates!


Multi-golfer discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. Each additional golfer receives a $50 dollar discount when 2 or more golfers are registered at once. If you have a group of 4 or more golfers that would like to attend summer golf camp together please call us for special rates, (800) 733-1653.

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