Summer Camp Policies



We also offer “Camp +” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after summer golf camp from 3pm to 6pm for students requiring late pickup and those interested in more training and course play. Join us for afternoon summer golf camp by adding the option when you select your weeks or individually if not registered for camp.


We meet for summer golf camp each morning near the putting and chipping area next to the basketball courts / parking area. We ask that for the safety and well-being of all our junior golfers that you please drop-off and pick-up your golfer in the parking lot by the tennis courts. At this point you will signage and/or staff to help guide you to the meeting area just beyond the hedges relatively free of traffic and hazards. Please do not stop on either the access road or the main road as this can cause congestion and poses a danger to the golfers that may try to move in-between or get out of cars.

As campers arrive there will be signs out and a member of the staff to direct them to meeting area, from roughly 8:45am. Once at the meeting area another member of the staff will greet the golfers and take lunch orders. You have the option to bring your own lunch that we can refrigerate too.


Traditional golf attire is required while participating in Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy activities. Short pants or long pants are both acceptable (denim is not allowed) and a collared shirt is required. Each golfer will receive a golf hat during their first week of camp. Golf shoes are not required but will help your junior while learning the game. Golf shoes are even more essential while golfers are on the course.


Lunch is provided each full day of summer golf camp. We have a whole menu of options to choose from using a local deli.


Throughout the day we take frequent water and sports drink breaks and maintain a constant supply of ice-cold water in coolers. We encourage the golfers to drink frequently and often. Hydration is crucial to athletic excellence and the temperatures can average in the low to mid 80s with occasional days reaching between 90 and 95 degrees. The golf course maintains sunblock in the locker rooms though we recommend your golfer bring a specific brand or strength based on his/her needs. As mentioned earlier, we provide refillable water bottles, please make sure your golfer has it each morning before leaving for summer golf camp.


Even though we ask nicely, sometimes the rain still decides to join us while we’re training. In the event of rain we do our best to get in touch with you and ask that you call us (800) 733-1653. The inclement weather plan will change day-to-day based on available options, please help us to keep you informed. If a rescheduling of dates occurs occurs we reserve the right to offer specific make-up days based on availability. We always do our best to accommodate changes in schedules and situations that may arise.


Many parents and guardians travel from the same areas and car pooling is always an option. We’re happy to facilitate car pooling when possible.


Each week during summer golf camp we award prizes. Most improved golfer, best sportsman and competition winners all earn something to take home. There are also other “mystery prizes” that appear once in a while…


To get the best out of the golfers we have a strict no parents rule during our summer golf camp. We understand you wish to see how your golfer is progressing but we ask you to take him/her out to play and judge their skills after camp to see this. Please share the camp information and rules with your golfer(s), the rules can be found here: **M S GOLF Summer Camp Rules**. 

More information on our policies for the summer season can be found here: Spearman Golf Academy Junior Golf Policies


For more information call 800-733-1653 or contact us.