Elite Full Time Junior Golf Training in Westchester New York

The next step in your junior golfer’s future, the E.D.G.E. full time junior golf training program! Elite Development of Golf Expertise is what will make the difference for your golfer, when it counts.

Designed based on the best practices of Mitchell Spearman and under his direct supervision golfers complete a phase of assessment and are then taken though a highly specialized curriculum created for their success.

He has more than 30 years of experience as a golf instructor to PGA Tour players, celebrities, and some of the best junior amateurs in the game, and accounts for the often missed steps in the training process.

Learn from the best, every day for a year...

It’s small. As a boutique program we make sure each golfer gets the attention they deserve.

It’s year-round. We’ve developed a seasonal full time junior golf training curriculum that makes sense, focusing on play during the tournament and high school seasons while concentrating on fitness and training in the off-season.

It’s flexible. We know that the life of a junior golfer is filled with more than just rounds of golf and buckets of balls, that’s why the E.D.G.E. program offers hundreds of hours of training over the course of the year. YOU choose when you come!

It’s a team effort. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the program is bringing the team concept to individual junior golf; we train and learn together. But it’s even more than that, we extend the team concept to include family, coaches, and teammates through the use of a collaborative online training space. This creates a golfing portfolio to include swing reviews from Mitchell, statistics and comment – a fantastic training tool for any aspiring junior golfer.

It’s technologically advanced. We’re using ball tracking radar, video analysis, and some of the best training aids available to ensure we capture data, measure progress, and evaluate effectiveness.