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The mission of the Mitchell Spearman Junior Golf Program is to provide intensive and thorough golf programs that offer the best instruction available in the New York metropolitan area for junior golfers.

Students will spend time both on the practice range and out on the golf course, learning what it takes to compete successfully at the highest levels. Whether your golfer aspires to just enjoy the game more, be a top ranked high school golfer,  play college golf at the elite Divison I level, or dreams of one day becoming a professional golfer our junior golf programs can help. The New York Junior Golf Academy is located at the Doral Arrowwood Golf Club in Westchester County offers an intense program open to all levels of junior players. Our staff of professional instructors works to create fun and exciting lesson plans for junior golfers from complete beginners all the way through to those that regularly play regional and national tournaments.

But don’t take it from us:

“I enrolled my daughter 3 years ago in the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy and I could not be more pleased with the results.  The team have the right approach and dedication to make learning fun, they’ve done an outstanding job designing a program based on my daughter’s strengths and capabilities. Further, there is no pressure to do anything, it is very apparent that the entire staff truly enjoys what they do and it shows in my daughter’s desire to learn more. A big thank you to the Academy!” – Steve Linares, Father

Core Values

We pride our academy on instilling a set of core values in our junior golfers:

Sportsmanship   Integrity   Self-Confidence   Honesty   Courtesy   Wellness   Responsibility

Skill Assessment


At Mitchell Spearman Golf, we take the commitment of practicing and training golf skills seriously. Don’t get us wrong, we love to have fun during practice and competition, but we believe that in order to progress from a basic understanding of the skills of golf to a mastery of everything that encompasses a complete golfer, benchmarking, measurement, and assessment are necessary.

Introducing… the path to a Black Belt in golf. Similar to the ranking structures of well-known martial arts, our junior golfers will be promoted through the ranks of White, Red, Blue, Purple, Green and Black as their skills improve. The answer to your first question is no, they will not be awarded a belt at every level, but there are belts at the higher levels. The answer to your second question is yes, you can just go buy a belt if you want, but we’re pretty sure one of ours is more significant… they take a lot of hard work and dedication to earn.

Since our goal is to teach junior golfers the skills necessary to reach their goals we decided to look at the traits of the very best golfers in the world, and work backwards. We started by analyzing several of the statistics tracked on the PGA Tour such as driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putt distance, then created a benchmarking and evaluation system that helps our juniors of all ages work towards those goals. The result is an innovative and revolutionary program of progression that gives us great metrics with which to guide our golfers and gives our golfers a true competitive advantage on the course.

One final word about the levels, our juniors are not “taught the tests”. They are given a structured and well-prepared training regimen that incorporates much more than just the skills golfers are asked to demonstrate during the assessment.

Assessment Overview

There are 6 levels of progression:

White, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and Black. Light Blue is the introductory level and color given to golf recruits at the beginning of a program. Each level builds upon the last and is increasingly demanding.levels pyramid

White and Red incorporate basic skills for a successful practice.

Blue and Purple give golfers intermediate skills for success on the course.

Green and Black are advanced levels that denote expert skill and control of the game. Students will progress according to their talent, tenacity, and training.

Each level allows for routine assessment. There are several assessment dates each year and each level has specific standards that must be met. At each level the golfer will get a wristband corresponding to their level color and a certificate of achievement once they pass. At the higher levels we’ll actually promote using Purple, Green, and Black belts just like in the martial arts.

Many of our students will have great success and develop a deeper love of the game no matter which level they ultimately progress to as the overarching goal is to have fun and learn. Let’s face it, we all have a lot more fun when we’re out on the course playing well as opposed to when we’re not… And since our standards are derived from high-caliber professional and collegiate play, we believe it is possible for many of our elite players to become top collegiate-propsects, local and high-school champions, and possibly build a professional tour player or two.

It is possible for students to test into higher levels on their first test, at the discretion of our great coaching staff…

Participation in a skills assessment is completely voluntary. There is no requirement to do so. However, skills assessments provide both a great demonstration of RoI to parents and guardians, and a measured and evaluative approach to golf instruction severely lacking in the industry.

Our next skills assessments will be held:


There is no additional fee to participate as the time your golfer is there will be counted as a part of class and a session toward your package.


Our Junior Golf Camp is based at Doral Arrowwood Golf Course in the heart of Westchester, a short commute from both Manhattan and Connecticut. The Doral Golf Club offers nine spectacular holes by Robert Van Hagge, the same mastermind behind the famed Blue Monster in Miami.

Critically acclaimed as one of the most difficult nine-hole courses in the country, the 3,200 yard, par-35 Doral Arrowwood Golf Course features Van Hagge’s trademark shadows, bunkers and water hazards, engaging players of every level. The golf course of choice in Westchester County and among all New York state golf courses.

There are various programs offered throughout the year:

After School Spring & Fall Junior Academy

The After School Junior Golf program is offered for golfers from Monday – Friday 2PM – 6PM with flexible times.  Various memberships are offered. There are also skill levels that are offered so each junior has specific goals to work towards.  Click here to learn more…

New York Junior Golf Summer Camp

The Junior Golf Summer Camp has been running for eight years in Westchester.  It runs weekly through the summer with programs for the beginner and advanced golfer five days a week.  We have the opportunity for our better players to also experience various other courses in the area.  The camp is small with limited spaces and fills quickly.   The minimum sign up is for one week but most juniors attend two to six weeks to get the best results.  click here to learn more…

The Advanced Players Club

A new and innovative advanced players club at the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy!

The players club is designed for the junior golfer looking to take their game to the next level through supervised practice and playing. It is a hybrid of on-course and practice facility time with competition, coaching, and camaraderie. The club meets from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday, and entitles the junior golfer to three days of advanced player training utilizing video analysis review, a specially designed practice session, and accounting of golf statistics. Tracking and measuring golf statistics is one of the best way to determine areas of improvement, and the junior golfers in the club will know where they stand.

Membership is limited to serious junior golfers and comes with a lot of on-course playing time. A lot of playing time!

Club weeks begin in July and go through August, register now!

Golf Trips

The Junior Golf Academy offers the better players from New York the opportunity to come to Florida to practice, play and compete in the winter. months.


On the weekend there are also Pee Wee classes for 4-8yr. olds who are interested in learning the game.  This runs all summer long. Register through any registration button on the registration page. Each session is 2 hours long and we carefully monitor each PeeWee according to their ability. All levels are welcome and catered for. Start with good technique and a life of fun golf will be a guarantee!

Indoor Junior Winter Program

This program is designed for the keen golfer, so they can keep their skills honed even in the winter. All areas of the game are worked on and video analysis is used.  Groups are small with a maximum of four juniors at a time.  click here to learn more…

The Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

The adult academy can also be found at Doral Arrowwood in Westchester. This now runs year round.  Indoors in the winter months and outdoors as soon as the weather permits.

Click Here for Spearman Golf Academy Junior Golf Policies

For more information call 800-733-1653 or contact us.

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