Spring Golf

After School and Weekend Junior Golf Programs

Immersion and a regular connection to the game provide the best results. Practice, practice, practice! That is precisely what we offer our junior golfers.

After-School Program

Monday – Friday


Driving Range

Full Swing Instruction using the very latest video technology

Learn to shape the ball, control trajectory and hit the ball further

Weekend Junior Clinics

Saturday & Sunday

1-3PM or 1-5PM


Struggling on the Greens? We will cover putting mechanics including stance, posture and alignment.

Distance control and how to read the greens

Peewee Golf (Age 4-7)

Monday & Friday 4-5PM

Saturday 12-1PM

Sunday 9-10AM or 9-11AM


The best way for your junior to improve scores with supervised play

Tracking of scores and team competitions helps you put what you've learned to the test

Our Process: The very best instruction

Our program is guided by Top-100 Golf Instructor Mitchell Spearman. We have a host of great coaches and assistants to help work on your golfer’s swing. Our instructors have been recognized by U.S. Kids Golf, coached at the college level and take to heart your golfer’s success as they do their own.

Our Focus: Developing the confidence to shoot lower scores

Every session at the academy covers putting and short game, progressing to the full swing. Weekday sessions typically end with play on the course when possible.

Weekend sessions offer 2 hours of instruction followed by 2 hours of instructed play out on the golf course.

Our Style: Video Technology

We utilize the latest in video and instruction technology to actually SHOW our junior golfers what they are doing, what they need to do, and the drills to be successful.

Our Method: Tracking and monitoring progression

In order to properly track the progress of our golfers we’ve developed a skill level program that monitors their progression using a series of assessments in the practice area to identify how the golfer’s skills might translate on the course.  We use developmental competitions as ways to improve your junior’s golf game. While we never require a junior to participate in a tournament or competition, we may encourage it once the proper skill level has been reached.

Our Results: Reach your potential

We are proud that our junior golf academy has become the place to go for all things golf – right here in Westchester, New York.

And you know what? IT’S WORKING! Many of our students have become highly ranked regionally, earned spots on their high school teams, or gone on to play collegiate golf.

Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

*Most golfers on weekends attend the entire four hour session. Juniors ages 7 – 9 wishing to stay for a complete 4 hour lesson are encouraged to do so, however, our experience has been that two hours is ideal for the younger age groups.

**Beginning 6 year olds, such as those that have never played before, have the option to attend a one-hour session

We have a 24 hr cancellation policy.
You will be charged for a session if we do not receive notice. We have equipment to function indoors if it rains so it’s highly unlikely sessions will be cancelled due to increment weather. We’re happy to reschedule a session with 24 hours notice and there are many options to do so:

Email: info@mitchellspearman.com / spearmanjuniorgolf@gmail.com

– Please indicate your golfer’s name, date of the class you’d like to change, and date of the class you’d like to change to.