2017 Winter Junior Golf Instruction


  • Swing development
  • Sharpened Mechanics
  • Short Game Setup
  • Solid Fundamentals

Golfers of all ability levels will benefit from indoor training this winter.


Monday 4pm – 5pm (Pewees) 5pm-6pm (All ages and skills)
Tuesday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Tuesday 6pm – 8pm (Young Adult / Full-Time Players)
Wednesday 4pm – 5pm ( 9 and under)
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm (Open to all)
Thursday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Thursday 6pm – 8pm (All ages and skill levels)
Friday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Saturday 10am – 11am (PEEWEE)
Saturday 11pm – 1pm (Young Adult / Full-Time Players)
Saturday 1pm-3pm ( all levels)
Sunday 9am – 10am (PEEWEE)
Sunday 10am – 11am (Under 9’s)
Sunday 11pm – 1pm (All ages and skill levels)
Sunday 1.30pm-3.30pm( all levels )

Need to be ready to compete this spring? Come inside with us this winter and keep working on your swing! Indoor junior golf lessons provide a great chance for golfers of all ages in the Westchester Area to keep their skills polished year-round and go into the Spring ready to conquer the course.

We have:

Short Game
Full-SwingIndoorGolfDoral6 (1)
Launch Monitor
Small Groups
1 and 2 Hour Sessions

indoor golf1

With few distractions indoor instruction is a great opportunity for juniors to really focus in on their technique and skill. Join one of our winter junior indoor golf sessions at any time as long as space is available. Programs and hours start at one session, for registration AND the various ways to sign up please click the “register now” button:


We are located at 975 Anderson Hill Road in Rye Brook, NY.


The two options for the drop-off / pick-up are: Self-park or Golf parking

Indoor direction2


Self-Park (Red): Follow signs into the property identifying self parking and enter the hotel through the main entrance. Stay to the left and ask for the sports or fitness center to be directed. You may use either stairs or the elevator to go down to the sports level.

Golf Parking (Yellow): Follow signs toward the golf club and bag drop, parking nearest the gap between the two large indoor tennis bubbles (white). Follow the path between them and enter next to the pool. Stay right to enter the sports center.

Once inside the sports center the indoor facility is to the back past the racquetball courts.