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Mitchell Spearman Junior Golf camps are for dedicated young golfers of all ages and abilities. Our summer golf camps have experienced nine years of excellence as one of the most elite and intensive junior golf camps in the country. Our students come back year after year after year. Why?!? We specialize in junior golf, that’s why! From those that just want to enjoy the game by playing better to those that want to excel at the highest levels, we help them all. We only ask that those coming to camp have a desire to learn and work as much and as hard as they can! Our programs:

PEEWEE JUNIOR GOLFER PROGRAM: Ages 4-7 of all skill and ability.

JUNIOR SUMMER GOLF CAMP PROGRAM: Ages 6-16 of all skill and ability.

Prepare for a whole new level of junior golf excellence!

Our Commitment to Coaching:


2015 summer camp in New York

The New York Summer Golf Camp Program

junior summer golf camp in New York

Junior golf summer camp provides opportunities for improvement and play

The Mitchell Spearman summer golf camp is an opportunity for junior golfers from the ages of 6-16 to greatly improve their game. This is the most popular summer golf camp in New York and our most popular program by far. Why? Because each of our camp experiences are designed to build or improve on existing skills quickly. We make sure to utilize small groups and a refined curriculum that aids in the training process.

Each of our summer golf camp experiences cover skills ranging from the fundamentals right up through advanced course management. Strategy, skills training, nothing is left out. Students are divided into groups of similar skill, ability, and age that enable fast paced learning in a fun, safe, and effective environment. We cover all aspects of the game: full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting. Each golfer has their swing viewed and analyzed by Top-100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman.

 Summer Golf Camp in New York

Junior golf instruction

A few other aspects that set us apart:

  • Detailed video analysis by Mitchell Spearman and our coaches
  • Detailed statistical tracking
  • Games and challenges
  • Developmental tournament opportunities
  • FUN!

junior golf -launch monitorAs our summer golf camp progresses students have the opportunity to take their skills out onto the course where instructors and assistants help optimize the golfer’s game.  While on the golf course etiquette, time and course management are all stressed as important. Our staff ensures that students are learning about club selection, offers observations about conditions, and keeps up the pace of play. For beginners on the course our staff knows that it is about enjoying the experience and making it fun and we emphasize it.

A word about course time… It is not uncommon for summer golf campers to have 3 to 4 days per week in which they spend some time on the golf course. How much time on the course usually depends on which experience a golfer has and their skill level. The more weeks a golfer is with us the more opportunities they get to play on the course. Likewise beginners may spend a bit more of their time learning the game and working on the skills to be successful. When they ultimately step out on the course they are better prepared and ready to enjoy it! The camp structure provides for an abundance of golf course time. In addition to Doral Arrowwood more proficient and experienced players may have the opportunity to visit surrounding golf courses during the week for an even greater amount of supervised play.

Please note: Skill level and instructor assessment are the determinants in how much time your golfer will spend on the course. That said, EVERYONE GETS TO PLAY GOLF ON COURSE!

New York Summer Golf Camp Weekly Schedule

Monday – Thursday    9am – 3pm           

Junior Golf Summer Camp in New York

 Friday   9am – 12pm

The first day of camp commences on Monday at 9 am.

Lunch is included Monday through Thursday.

 Click on the “register now” button to register and to see available weeks. Please check your calendar for which weeks your junior will be attending.  Campers have been known to turn up a different week than booked!

2015 summer camp in New York

New York Summer Golf Camp Registration: The Experiences

Club Contender Experience: One Week

For all ages and skill levels, choosing this option allows a golfer the full summer golf camp experience. Over the course of one week the golfer will undergo swing work, short game training, putting practice, and get to play on the golf course. More skilled golfers may spend more time on the course but everyone will play at some level.

Club Champion Experience: Two Weeks

Similar to the club contender experience this choice is also for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Choosing this summer golf camp option allows the golfer a more robust two week summer golf camp experience. Over the course of two weeks the golfer will undergo swing work, short game training, putting practice, and get more time on the golf course by the 2nd week. We provide skills assessments and multiple video analysis reviews from week to week, in addition to expanded skills training and changing contests week to week.

Professional Player Experience: Three Weeks

For all ages and skill levels, choosing this summer golf camp option allows for an even more robust summer program. Over the course of three weeks the golfer will thrive as we focus on skill development and add in special training on specific shots and course management. Golfers attending summer golf camp for three weeks will have more opportunities to play on the course while associates gather stats and video. In addition to more on-course time golfers will learn advanced drills and techniques useful at even the highest levels of the game. Three weeks in our summer golf camp will have other golfers asking YOUR GOLFER for advice….

Champion Player Experience: Four Weeks

An elite golf summer camp program the Champion Experience is great for recreational and competitive golfers alike. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in four weeks of golf that will build, challenge, prepare, tackle… you name it! Over multiple weeks golfers are able to drill down into every facet of the game. We delve into the mental challenges of the sport and help golfers better understand course management.  We are able to talk big-picture strategy and long-term training. We even have golfers that challenge our staff to games, contests, and matches. There are multiple opportunities to play on the course for even the most beginner of golfer and by the end of four weeks they have a solid grasp on all skills necessary to enjoy the game for a lifetime.

Major Champion Experience: Five Weeks

The Major Champion Experience is the ultimate summer golf camp package. Five weeks will provide your golfer with comprehensive and full-spectrum summer golf training. From week to week the golfer will participate in multiple training cycles incorporating skills training with fun contests and challenges. We conduct in-depth rules & etiquette discussions and provide competitive course play opportunities always with an eye towards FUN! Instructors and staff will adjust the training as necessary and group your golfer with others of similar skill each week. Tournament and competitive golfers can focus on advanced objectives while beginners and recreational golfers will set and build on a foundation of basic skills that help tame the game. The Major Champion Experience is quickly becoming one of our most popular summer golf camp selections!


Discounts are automatically added for each extra week of summer golf camp a student attends.  These are reflected in the experience pricing. Golfers can attend for a minimum of one week all the way to the entire summer. Weeks do not have to be attended consecutively as you will be asked to choose which weeks of attendance during the registration process. Camps begin each Monday. Call us if you’re interested in more than five weeks for your junior golfer and inquire about special rates!

Multi-golfer discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. Each additional golfer receives a $50 dollar discount when 2 or more golfers are registered at once. If you have a group of 4 or more golfers that would like to attend summer golf camp together please call us for special rates, (800) 733-1653.

2015 summer camp in New York



spearman junior golf

Blair, playing golf in Scotland!


Spearman Junior Golf

A few of our young men at St. Andrews!!!



We are located at 975 Anderson Hill Road in Rye Brook, NY. For directions please see the map on the DIRECTIONS page of our website: Directions to the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy. When arriving at Doral Arrowwood stay to the left towards the golf shop and bag drop. You will pass one access road and make a second left into the parking area with the bag drop. A member of our staff is there roughly 15 minutes before the start of class to help direct golfers to the meeting area. We have access to driving, chipping, pitching, putting, and bunkers areas, not to mention a golf course, everything we need to maximize training.


We also offer “Camp +” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after summer golf camp from 3pm to 6pm for students requiring late pickup and those interested in more training and course play. Join us for afternoon summer golf camp by adding the option when you select your weeks or individually if not registered for camp.


We meet for summer golf camp each morning near the putting and chipping area next to the basketball courts / parking area. We ask that for the safety and well-being of all our junior golfers that you please drop-off and pick-up your golfer in the bag drop area near the Doral clubhouse (right behind Mulligan’s). From there the golfers will have a short walk to the meeting area just beyond the hedges relatively free of traffic and hazards. Please do not stop on either the access road or the main road as this can cause congestion and poses a danger to the golfers that may try to move in-between or get out of cars.

As campers arrive there will be signs out and a member of the staff to direct them to meeting area, from roughly 8:45am. Once at the meeting area another member of the staff will greet the golfers, give them their custom Mitchell Spearman Golf water bottle, and take lunch orders.


Traditional golf attire is required while participating in Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy activities. Short pants or long pants are both acceptable (denim is not allowed) and a collared shirt is required. Each golfer will receive a golf hat during their first week of camp. Golf shoes are not required but will help your junior while learning the game. Golf shoes are even more essential while golfers are on the course.


Lunch is provided each full day of summer golf camp. We have a whole menu of options to choose from.


Throughout the day we take frequent water and sports drink breaks and maintain a constant supply of ice-cold water in coolers. We encourage the golfers to drink frequently and often. Hydration is crucial to athletic excellence and the temperatures can average in the low to mid 80s with occasional days reaching between 90 and 95 degrees. The golf course maintains sunblock in the locker rooms though we recommend your golfer bring a specific brand or strength based on his/her needs. As mentioned earlier, we provide refillable water bottles, please make sure your golfer has it each morning before leaving for summer golf camp.


Even though we ask nicely, sometimes the rain still decides to join us while we’re training. In the event of rain we do our best to get in touch with you and ask that you call us (800) 733-1653. The inclement weather plan will change day-to-day based on available options, please help us to keep you informed. If a rescheduling of dates occurs occurs we reserve the right to offer specific make-up days based on availability. We always do our best to accommodate changes in schedules and situations that may arise. Additional information can be found on the camp rules and policy page of our website: Summer Golf Camp Policies


Many parents and guardians travel from the same areas and car pooling is always an option. We’re happy to facilitate car pooling when possible.


Each week during summer golf camp we award prizes. Most improved golfer, best sportsman and competition winners all earn something to take home. There are also other “mystery prizes” that appear once in a while…


To get the best out of the golfers we have a strict no parents rule during our summer golf camp. We understand you wish to see how your golfer is progressing but we ask you to take him/her out to play and judge their skills after camp to see this. Please share the camp information and rules with your golfer(s), the rules can be found here:  **M S GOLF Summer Camp Rules**

More information on our policies for the summer season can be found here: Summer Golf Camp Policies

For more information call 800-733-1653 or contact us.


2015 summer camp in New York

voted best junior instruction in manhattan award, junior golf

August Junior Golf Camp New York Fun!

2017 Fall After School and Weekend Junior Golf Programs

After School and Weekend Junior Golf Programs

   Westchester, NY

junior golf program registration

Immersion and a regular connection to the game provide the best results. Practice, practice, practice! That is precisely what we offer our junior golfers. Junior golfers can train with us multiple times per week through the following options:


We are proud that our junior golf academy has become the place to go for all things golf. Afternoon, after school and weekend junior golf training – we do it all right here in After School & Weekend Junior Golf ProgramsWestchester, New York.

Our program is guided by Top-100 Golf Instructor Mitchell Spearman. We have a host of great coaches and assistants to help work on your golfer’s swing. Our instructors have been recognized by U.S. Kids Golf, coached at the college level and take to heart your golfer’s success as they do their own.

Our focus:  Developing the confidence to shoot lower scores

Fall golfEvery session at the academy covers putting and the short game, progressing to the full swing. Weekend sessions offer 2 hours of instruction followed by 2 hours of instructed play out on the golf course, weekday sessions typically ending with play on the course when possible. If you are looking for a more rigorous year-round full-time training curriculum please call us and ask about the EDGE program. We have more advanced programs to show your golfer how to warmup, what to focus on during practice and how to put it all together out on the course.

Our method: Tracking and monitoring progression

In order to properly track the progress of our golfers we’ve developed a skill level program that monitors their progression using a series of assessments in the practice area to identify how the golfer’s skills might translate on the course. Additionally, we believe that competition in the proper environment can bring out the very best in a player and we regularly hold competitions and tournaments for our golfers. We use developmental competitions, team matches, and the Mitchell Spearman Tournament Series all as ways to improving a junior’s golf game. While we never require a junior to participate in a tournament or competition, we may encourage it once the proper skill level has been reached.

On top of ALL OF THAT, we utilize the latest in video and instruction technology to actually SHOW our junior golfers what they are doing, what they need to do, and the drills to be successful.

And you know what? IT’S WORKING! Many of our students have become highly ranked regionally, earned spots on their high school teams, or gone on to play college golf. 


After School & Weekend Hours: Fall & Spring

September to November Class Schedule*:

Monday:                   4:00 PM – 6:00PM

Tuesday: (PeeWee)  4:00 PM – 5:00PM

Tuesday:                   4:00 PM – 6:00PM

Wednesday:             4:00 PM – 6:00PM

Wednesday:             5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Thursday:                 4:00 PM – 6:00PM

Friday: (PeeWee) 4:00 PM – 5:00PM

Friday:                      4:00 PM – 6:00PM

Saturday: (PeeWee) 1:00 PM – 2:00PM

Saturday:                  1:00 PM – 5:00PM

Sunday: (PeeWee)    9:00 AM – 10:00AM

Sunday: (2 Hour)   10:00AM – 12:00PM

Sunday:                    1:00 PM – 5:00PM

*Our most up-to-date scheduling information can be found in the booking system, here: CLASS SCHEDULE

**Most golfers on weekends attend the entire four hour session. Juniors ages 7 – 9 wishing to stay for a complete 4 hour lesson are encouraged to do so, however, our experience has been that two hours is ideal for the younger age groups.

***Beginning 6 year olds, such as those that have never played before, have the option to attend either the one-hour or two-hour session


Our registration system offers flexible scheduling and payment through the Mindbody online system, start any time as long as space is available.  Options include:

Single Session (2 hours) – Drop in for a weekday class as long as space is available

Single Session (4 hour weekend) – Drop in for a weekend class as long as space is available

10 hour package – Our 10 hour package is ideal for 4-5 weeks of golf practice
EX: Over a month come to class three Wednesday evenings and a Saturday scheduling your dates online.

20 hour package – The 20 hour package works well for golfers with one weeknight per week open during the season.
EX: Over the season come to class most Tuesdays (or once a week).

50 hour package – The 50 hour package is for the golfer with multiple open nights per week or intending to come on weekends.
EX: Come every Saturday or Sunday, or maybe two – three nights per week.

Unlimited Seasonal Membership – If your golfer is interested in more than 10 hours per week of golf training this Spring/Fall, coming multiple days per week, call us for special “all you can handle” pricing. Or perhaps our FULL TIME year-round training program is the right option…

Please contact us for custom tailored packages or if you have any questions.

We have a 24 hr cancellation policy.

You will be charged for a session if we do not receive notice. We have equipment to function indoors if it rains so it’s highly unlikely sessions will be cancelled due to increment weather. We’re happy to reschedule a session with 24 hours notice and there are many options to do so:

Email: /

– Please indicate your golfer’s name, date of the class you’d like to change, and date of the class you’d like to change to.

The Mindbody registration system:

– Depending on how accounts are set up it is possible to schedule and reschedule your golfer’s lessons.

Call: 800-733-1653 will put you in touch with someone from the staff or leave a message after hours and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
For Registration AND the various ways to sign up please click the “register now” button:

For more information call 800-733-1653 or contact us.

For help using Mindbody, please follow the link: junior golf sign up help

For help scheduling and canceling: Lesson Schedule & Cancel Help

junior golf program registrationView Class Schedule Button

Spearman Junior Golf Academy


The mission of the Mitchell Spearman Junior Golf Program is to provide intensive and thorough golf programs that offer the best instruction available in the New York metropolitan area for junior golfers.

Students will spend time both on the practice range and out on the golf course, learning what it takes to compete successfully at the highest levels. Whether your golfer aspires to just enjoy the game more, be a top ranked high school golfer,  play college golf at the elite Divison I level, or dreams of one day becoming a professional golfer our junior golf programs can help. The New York Junior Golf Academy is located at the Doral Arrowwood Golf Club in Westchester County offers an intense program open to all levels of junior players. Our staff of professional instructors works to create fun and exciting lesson plans for junior golfers from complete beginners all the way through to those that regularly play regional and national tournaments.

But don’t take it from us:

“I enrolled my daughter 3 years ago in the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy and I could not be more pleased with the results.  The team have the right approach and dedication to make learning fun, they’ve done an outstanding job designing a program based on my daughter’s strengths and capabilities. Further, there is no pressure to do anything, it is very apparent that the entire staff truly enjoys what they do and it shows in my daughter’s desire to learn more. A big thank you to the Academy!” – Steve Linares, Father

Core Values

We pride our academy on instilling a set of core values in our junior golfers:

Sportsmanship   Integrity   Self-Confidence   Honesty   Courtesy   Wellness   Responsibility

Skill Assessment


At Mitchell Spearman Golf, we take the commitment of practicing and training golf skills seriously. Don’t get us wrong, we love to have fun during practice and competition, but we believe that in order to progress from a basic understanding of the skills of golf to a mastery of everything that encompasses a complete golfer, benchmarking, measurement, and assessment are necessary.

Introducing… the path to a Black Belt in golf. Similar to the ranking structures of well-known martial arts, our junior golfers will be promoted through the ranks of White, Red, Blue, Purple, Green and Black as their skills improve. The answer to your first question is no, they will not be awarded a belt at every level, but there are belts at the higher levels. The answer to your second question is yes, you can just go buy a belt if you want, but we’re pretty sure one of ours is more significant… they take a lot of hard work and dedication to earn.

Since our goal is to teach junior golfers the skills necessary to reach their goals we decided to look at the traits of the very best golfers in the world, and work backwards. We started by analyzing several of the statistics tracked on the PGA Tour such as driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putt distance, then created a benchmarking and evaluation system that helps our juniors of all ages work towards those goals. The result is an innovative and revolutionary program of progression that gives us great metrics with which to guide our golfers and gives our golfers a true competitive advantage on the course.

One final word about the levels, our juniors are not “taught the tests”. They are given a structured and well-prepared training regimen that incorporates much more than just the skills golfers are asked to demonstrate during the assessment.

Assessment Overview

There are 6 levels of progression:

White, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and Black. Light Blue is the introductory level and color given to golf recruits at the beginning of a program. Each level builds upon the last and is increasingly demanding.levels pyramid

White and Red incorporate basic skills for a successful practice.

Blue and Purple give golfers intermediate skills for success on the course.

Green and Black are advanced levels that denote expert skill and control of the game. Students will progress according to their talent, tenacity, and training.

Each level allows for routine assessment. There are several assessment dates each year and each level has specific standards that must be met. At each level the golfer will get a wristband corresponding to their level color and a certificate of achievement once they pass. At the higher levels we’ll actually promote using Purple, Green, and Black belts just like in the martial arts.

Many of our students will have great success and develop a deeper love of the game no matter which level they ultimately progress to as the overarching goal is to have fun and learn. Let’s face it, we all have a lot more fun when we’re out on the course playing well as opposed to when we’re not… And since our standards are derived from high-caliber professional and collegiate play, we believe it is possible for many of our elite players to become top collegiate-propsects, local and high-school champions, and possibly build a professional tour player or two.

It is possible for students to test into higher levels on their first test, at the discretion of our great coaching staff…

Participation in a skills assessment is completely voluntary. There is no requirement to do so. However, skills assessments provide both a great demonstration of RoI to parents and guardians, and a measured and evaluative approach to golf instruction severely lacking in the industry.

Our next skills assessments will be held:


There is no additional fee to participate as the time your golfer is there will be counted as a part of class and a session toward your package.


Our Junior Golf Camp is based at Doral Arrowwood Golf Course in the heart of Westchester, a short commute from both Manhattan and Connecticut. The Doral Golf Club offers nine spectacular holes by Robert Van Hagge, the same mastermind behind the famed Blue Monster in Miami.

Critically acclaimed as one of the most difficult nine-hole courses in the country, the 3,200 yard, par-35 Doral Arrowwood Golf Course features Van Hagge’s trademark shadows, bunkers and water hazards, engaging players of every level. The golf course of choice in Westchester County and among all New York state golf courses.

There are various programs offered throughout the year:

After School Spring & Fall Junior Academy

The After School Junior Golf program is offered for golfers from Monday – Friday 2PM – 6PM with flexible times.  Various memberships are offered. There are also skill levels that are offered so each junior has specific goals to work towards.  Click here to learn more…

New York Junior Golf Summer Camp

The Junior Golf Summer Camp has been running for eight years in Westchester.  It runs weekly through the summer with programs for the beginner and advanced golfer five days a week.  We have the opportunity for our better players to also experience various other courses in the area.  The camp is small with limited spaces and fills quickly.   The minimum sign up is for one week but most juniors attend two to six weeks to get the best results.  click here to learn more…

The Advanced Players Club

A new and innovative advanced players club at the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy!

The players club is designed for the junior golfer looking to take their game to the next level through supervised practice and playing. It is a hybrid of on-course and practice facility time with competition, coaching, and camaraderie. The club meets from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday, and entitles the junior golfer to three days of advanced player training utilizing video analysis review, a specially designed practice session, and accounting of golf statistics. Tracking and measuring golf statistics is one of the best way to determine areas of improvement, and the junior golfers in the club will know where they stand.

Membership is limited to serious junior golfers and comes with a lot of on-course playing time. A lot of playing time!

Club weeks begin in July and go through August, register now!

Golf Trips

The Junior Golf Academy offers the better players from New York the opportunity to come to Florida to practice, play and compete in the winter. months.


On the weekend there are also Pee Wee classes for 4-8yr. olds who are interested in learning the game.  This runs all summer long. Register through any registration button on the registration page. Each session is 2 hours long and we carefully monitor each PeeWee according to their ability. All levels are welcome and catered for. Start with good technique and a life of fun golf will be a guarantee!

Indoor Junior Winter Program

This program is designed for the keen golfer, so they can keep their skills honed even in the winter. All areas of the game are worked on and video analysis is used.  Groups are small with a maximum of four juniors at a time.  click here to learn more…

The Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

The adult academy can also be found at Doral Arrowwood in Westchester. This now runs year round.  Indoors in the winter months and outdoors as soon as the weather permits.

Click Here for Spearman Golf Academy Junior Golf Policies

For more information call 800-733-1653 or contact us.

New York Junior Golf Registration

Indoor Winter Golf   2017-2018

  • Programs for all ages
  • Several different packages available
  • One day, two day, or more days per week, and weekends
  • All packages are good for one year

View Class Schedule Button


Programs for ages 4-7*

  • Small Groups
  • Click “REGISTER NOW” for dates and times
  • Limited Space Available

*We offer a one hour New York junior golf session for new golfers age 4-7 and those that prefer a one hour session as opposed to two hours. However, golfers that demonstrate an ability and desire to participate in two hours of instruction are welcome to do so.

View Class Schedule Button

NEW YORK SUMMER GOLF CAMP DATES:  June 4th – August 31st, 2018

Click on the “register now” for available weeks and registration. Minimum sign-up is 1 week, all ages, skill levels, and abilities welcome.


Spearman Golf Academy Junior Golf Policies

2017 Winter Junior Golf Instruction


  • Swing development
  • Sharpened Mechanics
  • Short Game Setup
  • Solid Fundamentals

Golfers of all ability levels will benefit from indoor training this winter.


Monday 4pm – 5pm (Pewees) 5pm-6pm (All ages and skills)
Tuesday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Tuesday 6pm – 8pm (Young Adult / Full-Time Players)
Wednesday 4pm – 5pm ( 9 and under)
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm (Open to all)
Thursday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Thursday 6pm – 8pm (All ages and skill levels)
Friday 4pm – 6pm (All ages and skill levels)
Saturday 10am – 11am (PEEWEE)
Saturday 11pm – 1pm (Young Adult / Full-Time Players)
Saturday 1pm-3pm ( all levels)
Sunday 9am – 10am (PEEWEE)
Sunday 10am – 11am (Under 9’s)
Sunday 11pm – 1pm (All ages and skill levels)
Sunday 1.30pm-3.30pm( all levels )

Need to be ready to compete this spring? Come inside with us this winter and keep working on your swing! Indoor junior golf lessons provide a great chance for golfers of all ages in the Westchester Area to keep their skills polished year-round and go into the Spring ready to conquer the course.

We have:

Short Game
Full-SwingIndoorGolfDoral6 (1)
Launch Monitor
Small Groups
1 and 2 Hour Sessions

indoor golf1

With few distractions indoor instruction is a great opportunity for juniors to really focus in on their technique and skill. Join one of our winter junior indoor golf sessions at any time as long as space is available. Programs and hours start at one session, for registration AND the various ways to sign up please click the “register now” button:


We are located at 975 Anderson Hill Road in Rye Brook, NY.


The two options for the drop-off / pick-up are: Self-park or Golf parking

Indoor direction2


Self-Park (Red): Follow signs into the property identifying self parking and enter the hotel through the main entrance. Stay to the left and ask for the sports or fitness center to be directed. You may use either stairs or the elevator to go down to the sports level.

Golf Parking (Yellow): Follow signs toward the golf club and bag drop, parking nearest the gap between the two large indoor tennis bubbles (white). Follow the path between them and enter next to the pool. Stay right to enter the sports center.

Once inside the sports center the indoor facility is to the back past the racquetball courts.

2015 Winter Trip Recap

Winter Golf Trip Wrap-Up

Our group of nearly 20 had a great time over the five days of Dec. 19th to Dec. 23rd practicing and playing Disney golf in Orlando this year! A special thank you to our staff of coaches, parents, and the golf operation at Disney World resorts, everybody was phenomenal! We also enjoyed an outing day in Tampa checking out TopGolf and Busch Gardens. Photos and videos to come soon, suffice to say we have A LOT of them!

Speaman Golf 101